Donating Cookies

Kairos has often been referred to as the “cookie ministry”. Homemade cookies are a small thing to us on the outside, but to someone who has been incarcerated for a long time, they are priceless. The fact that someone cared enough to actually bake a cookie for them is very profound. The Kairos team uses these cookies to help
show the love of Christ and of their outside brothers and sisters in Christ to the residents.
It takes a LOT of cookies for a weekend. Each Kairos weekend at Toledo Correctional requires from 5,000 to 6,000 dozen homemade cookies. 60,000 to 72,000 homemade cookies! It is simply impossible for the team to bake this many cookies. So, we rely on our brothers and sisters in Christ from our churches, neighborhoods and place of work to bake them. It is a chance for many people to have a very real and important role in a ministry that will change lives and bring many of the residents to Christ.
As you might, expect – there are a lot of rules and details related to the cookies, as explained below:

What kind of cookies can you bake for Kairos?
Only home-baked cookies are used.
Cookie mixes, pre-mixed cookie dough from your supermarket, or “frozen cookie balls” from food wholesalers like Gordon’s are all OK.
Chocolate chip, oatmeal, cookies with M&M’s, butterscotch bits, plain sugar cookies, Rice Krispie Treats or Snickerdoodles are all easy to make and popular.
No icing or powdered sugar is allowed
Try to get them between 2 and 3 inches in diameter, so that the cookies are the same for everyone who receives cookies.
Don’t over bake cookies. They will be handled many times and transported in bulk into the prison so they need to be a bit tougher and durable than your average cookie. If you over bake them, they will become brittle and may break. Please don’t use burned or blemished cookies.
If your cookies contain peanut butter or nuts of any kind, please CLEARLY LABEL the bag

How should the cookies be packaged?
Package 2 dozen cookies in each 1 gallon zip-lock. Please count your cookies carefully so they won’t have to be re-bagged.
Allow cookies to cool completely before bagging them, otherwise they may stick together a and become useless.
Don’t put notes or plates in the bag, or stick notes on the bag – ONLY cookies. We’ll have to remove everything else before they can go into the prison.
If you have made your cookies well in advance of the weekend, keep them frozen until you transport them to your Kairos volunteer.

What else?
PRAY. Pray as you bake the cookies, pray for the inmates who will eat them and for the team who will take them inside the prison. Your prayers are a very important part of this experience for the inmates.

If you would be willing to help bake cookies for the next Kairos weekend at Toledo Correctional, please email our COOKIE MONSTER at "" and let him know. He will respond with the particulars of when and where the cookies need to be delivered.